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Since we last posted about our Branch many things have happened.  In the County Elections in May. Labour had a increased vote percentage across the the Buckinghamshire. This was reflected with the Wycombe Constituency, with Labour Candidates doing well. Within our Branch we were able to snatch the Booker, Cressex...

Since the 2015 General Election, our constituency of Wycombe has experienced a political roller-coaster ride. Against the expectations of our local MP Steve Baker, Wycombe voted to remain in the EU Referendum. Since then Steve Baker has been an MP who does not have his constituents’ best interests at heart....

Wycombe Labour's Deputy Group Leader Cllr Khalil Ahmed called for the leader of WycombeDistrict Council to step aside as leader as an act of belated sense duty for her failure toreveal the true cost of the bungled ANPR system.Councillor Khalil Ahmed, Labour’s Councillor for Disraeli, asked the leader a question...

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